optimum number of participants   8, 12  OR  16 people
  elevation of slopes

  300 - 1000 altitudes meters for CATSKI,   700 - 1300m for HELI-SKI

  number of runs per day

  NO LIMIT CATSKI (cca 8 -12 runs),

  1,5 flight hour for HELI-SKI (cca 7 - 9  runs) - possibility to pay more runs

  optimum activity date

  January, February


Depending on the weather and snow conditions, we offer you a specific package where you prefer perfect freeride skiing to your comfort! The principal of the whole project is to find really the best conditions for freeriding, so you can find yourself on the Bakhmaro base or you can also travel to the base in Racha area.  Bakhmaro base will welcome you in the case of bad weather forecast for HELISKI (non-flying weather) and you will have an opportunity to ride a CATSKI one of our snowcats. CATSKI is UNLIMITED!!! However, if the weather forecast is excellent, you will be directly transported to the Racha area for HELISKI with greater elevation of ski slopes. Accommodation in this case will be in the hotel in Ambrolauri, where you have perfect comfort. As a part of this package you are prepaid  od 2 x 90 minutes of flight time, which normally corsesponds to about 2 days. But if you want to fly properly, it is possible to go through this in one day and next flight time will pay extra at the price of 12 EUR / min per person with 4 clients in helicopter. Prepaid value is therefore only the basis for another flying options.

  1. day – arrival to Tbilisi or Kutaisi, pick-up at the airport, Mountain Ski minibus transport, transport with snowcat to Mountain ski Bakhmaro or Racha base, accommodation, completation of ski and avalanche equipment, security training and CATSKI or HELI-SKI rules. If you are interested, It is possible for an additional fee to arrange transportation from the airport to our Mountain Ski base by our helicopter.

  2. - 7.days – preferably the HELISKI time in Bakhmaro base in Lesser Caucasus or Racha area in Greater Caucasus. In the case of non-flying weather you can use UNLIMITED CATSKI in Bakhmaro base.  The last day in the afternoon departure from the base by snowcat to the minibus and then transport to Kutaisi or Tbilisi, depart back to home or overnight lodging with breakfast at a hotel in Tbilisi or Kutaisi

  1. day – departure home

Direct flights fly from many european cities to Georgian Kutaisi, that is closest to our Mountain Ski base in Mravaldzali. We will be happy to arrange your flight ticket! smiley

PRICE: 4 490,- EUR per person for a group of 8 people in minimum!


  • 2 HELISKI days - 1,5 flight hour each day with the possibility to buy another 12EUR / minute flight per person / in the case of 4 clients in helicopter

  • 4 possible CATSKI days without limits on the number of downhill runs or altitude metres (everything is limited only by your physical condition and the length of the day!)

  • 6 x certified guide serivces

  • All transport services with "Mountain Ski" minibus

  • 6 x accommodation at the Mountain Ski base in Bakhmaro or Racha base

  • Possible accommodation in hotel in Tbilisi or Kutaisi - 1 night with a breakfast

  • full board, buffet breakfast, lunches in the form of lunch packs for the snowcat or classic lunch at the base, hot soup after your arrival from skiing, warm dinner from classic Georgian cuisine, non-alkoholic beverages included

  • Water during transportation from or to the airport

  • Free rental of freeride or skitouring ski with belt or snowboards with snowshoes, poles,

  • Free rental of complete avalanche equipment - ABS backpack, avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel


  • The flight ticket

  • Possible transportation by helicopter

  • Insurance for outdoor activities - we recommend Alpenverein

  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages


  • Freeride equipment - ski or freeride snowboard - everything it can be rent free of charge within Mountain Ski Bachmaro base

  • ABS backpack, peeps, probe, shovel - again it can be rent free of charge within Mountain Ski Bachmaro base

  • Shoes for freeride

  • Clothing for skiing, freeride or snowboarding

  • Helmet, goggles, sunglasses

  • Thermos

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Personal pharmacy    



  • In Bakhmaro base you will be accommodated in double-bed or triple-bed rooms in wooden guesthouse. Each cottage has own bathroom and toilet on the floor, each have a common room. In Racha area you will be accommodate in double rooms in Ambrolauri hotel.

  • If you need you have an overnight lodging with a breakfast at a hotel in Tbilisi or Kutaisi


  • Full board is guaranteed throughout your stay

  • Breakfast is provided by buffet style

  • Lunch is provided in the form of food pack for the snowcat or lunch at the base - lunch near to snowcat consist of broth, bread, roasted meat, salami, cheese, vegetables, fruit, hot water for tea or coffee, bottled water is avaliable as well

  • After your arrival from skiing is prepared hot soup and some cake

  • Dinners consist of multi-course and we mainly cook renowned dishes from Georgian cuisine : Chinkali, Khachapuri, Shashlik, Chacapuli,  Kebab and of course vegetable and salads

  • Non-alcoholic drinks are included in the menu, all kinds of alcohol are served at the bar