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Freeride is still alive !!










Freeride is still alive !!

What is CATSKI or HELI-SKI you ask?

Have you had enough of cableways and large crowds of people? Here, your group will be completely alone! You are alone, and all you can see hills in every direction :-). You can choose a perfectly peaceful way to spend your vacation and enjoy the nature; simply take your skitouring skis and run. Or you can live CATSKI, take a seat in our beautiful snowcat, which will take you to the summits and ridges wherever you want, and enjoy unlimited freeride skiing on the way back down until you are completely exhausted! The snowcat has a beautiful warm glassed-in cabin, and it will safely take you to the beginning of the next downhill ride in just a few minutes. Did you enjoy this slope? You can ride down the same slope again ... and again ... and again ... but this time somewhere else, somewhere where the slope is untouched :-)

If the weather is not absolutely clear and the visibility is reduced, then you can simply move a few metres altitude lower and hide under the protection of the forest, which will protect you from unfavourable weather. We believe that you will ski until you are completely satiated!

Our ski guides will be with you the whole time and will recommend slopes and choose the best ones for you! He will simply take care of your safety while skiing!

And from when till when can you ski? That really depends only on you .... you can ski from sunrise to sunset ... that is the only thing limiting you ... otherwise, it depends only on your desire and physical capabilities :-) so go crazy!!!    NO LIMIT FREERIDE!!!

If you are a true freeride connoisseurs and you feel like you´re on skis or snowboard have experienced everything, then try our offer HELI - SKI Within 5 minutes, we have several dozen "virgin" slopes ready for you. HELI-SKI is organized on the AGUSTA A-109 or Eurocopter EC135 T1 machine for 7 people (2pilots + guide + 4 passengers). There is a possibility to fly 2-4 groups in one time, each group of 4 people has its own guide.

And what about equipment, you might ask? You do not have special wide skis or avalanche equipment ...? That is not a problem!! We will rent you everything you need for skiing or snowboarding in powder snow, free of charge: wide skis with "walking" bindings (ascents possible like with mountaineering skis) and belts, snowboards, snowshoes, ski poles, ABS backpacks, avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels. In short, all you need is to know how to ski, and we will take care of everything else. We recommend your own ski boots and helmet!!


Before we forget!!! ..... your safety is the most important thing!!!

We have prepared a basic set of avalanche equipment for you – avalanche transceivers ARVA EVO 4.0, shovels and avalanche probes. And to increase your safety, we will equip all of you with a backpack Mammut removable airbag 3.0 in red, to make you nice and visible :-).

Each group will have a professional guide who will take care of their safety and choose the right slopes depending on the current snow conditions and weather conditions. 

We require that you be insured, preferably by Alpenverein OEAV or DAV. We have tested the way they operate in Georgia, and we are working towards closer co-operation so that payments for treatment and possible subsequent transport comes directly from the insurance company. For now, all costs are reimbursed by the insurance company. This insurance has a year-round validity, so you will certainly use it also for other activities!



For non-standard use, we have sought non-standard equipment. We received recommendations from many sides and eventually even tried the equipment ourselves ...

... a Czech company that focuses on the production of all types of skis, from racing skis, to freeride skis, to mountaineering skis – LUSTI. We have chosen the best freeride skis for you (KRAKO or RYBR) and the best skis for ski mountaineering in powdery snow – VERTIGO. And are they also the most beautiful, you ask? Well yes, we have modified the design just for you, so if you want to be unique, you can do it with us :-) We are waiting for feedback from you in terms of funkcianality and design.

The KRAKO and RYBR skis for freeride skiing are equipped with TYROLIA Adrenalin bindings, and the VERTIGO skis for ski mountaineering are equipped with Diamir Fritchi bindings. All the skis will have ski skins for ascents. So if you want to continue to places that are not accessible to the snowcat, you can simply put on the ski skins and move up a bit higher.

For those interested, we will also have 6 pairs of Nanook snowshoes.

For easier movement in the mountains, you will have Gipron Expert ski poles, 3-piece telescopic poles.

We have chosen a classic for those who love the snowboard, so if you will want to use our equipment, we have BURTON and VOELKL boards in lengths ranging from 150 to 164 cm.

We recommend that you have your own skiing, ski mountaineering or snowboarding shoes, and also your own helmet.